The Team

Chadwick Designs aims to bring the latest trends and best quality products to their customers. There is a huge emphasis on passing on knowledge and making Chadwick Designs a ‘go-to’ for any information or inspirations for your home or business. To do that, a qualified, enthusiastic, nimble team is a must.

Over the years, we have placed a huge importance in finding the right, long term, people to join Chadwick Designs. Their enthusiasm for clever design and great customer service is contagious, and look forward to working with you.

Tim Chadwick

Managing Director

Tim is originally a Sydney-sider and has creativity pulsing through his veins. After school, a graphic design course was completed but didn’t sufficiently scratch the artistic itch. Jobs in advertising only established that a desk job was not for him.

Life took Tim to the highly-regarded COFA (College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales) where Tim excelled with his creativity and imagination. Graduating with a distinction, it was time for a career.

Luck would have him working with a highly regarded window furnishing installer. They worked with Sydney’s best designers in the most amazing houses imaginable. Here Tim learnt from the best.

Branching out on his own, Tim drew from those he admired and created his own business, working for interior designers right across Sydney. His perfectionist mentality, coupled with a work ethic of an ox, meant he was highly sought after and was regularly booked out. With eight years’ installation, experience and problem solving with designers and architects, he has seen it all and prides himself on the flawless installation with room-changing results and happy clients all round.

Tim, his wife Belle and their baby daughter, Kit, found living in Sydney much less alluring than the promise of space, fresh air, gum trees, art galleries and a family business.

Belle Chadwick

Managing Director

Since she was a little girl, Belle has written lists, categorized, organized and scheduled anything she could get her hands on. Constantly searching for an outlet for her energy and hard work, Belle ended up in the logistics industry surrounded by deadlines, details and colour co-ordinated folders. It was not enough to satisfy her drive.

Belle was determined to one day grow a business of her own.

Through a whirlwind of marriage, motherhood and her own illness, Belle provided a support system for Tim and baby Kit. Then, in 2014 a decision was made. Together, Tim and Belle would create a family business that reflected their talents and what they loved. So, with a truck full of their furniture and ambitions, off to Canberra Belle and her family went. Chadwick Designs was born.

Since then, the Chadwicks have added another daughter, Billie to the brood, and grown another business, Cloth and Paper Studio. Belle has thrown herself into the industry, absorbing everything she can get her hands on from fabrics, wallpaper, curtain hardware and external solutions.

Rob van Aalst

Specialist Installer

Belconnen born and bred, cricketer, musician, uncle and all round great guy – Rob is our fitter extraordinaire. Rob was the first staff member of Chadwick Designs and has truly cemented himself as a linchpin of the business.

His easy going nature, attention to detail, diligence, humor and kindness mean he is a hit with every client, builder, designer and supplier. He spent almost two years on the tools with Tim learning, perfecting and improving the high end finishes that are vital to the reputation of the business. He now oversees the installation of all products with his well-trained eye. We are confident that Robs ability is one of the best in the industry.

Sarah Chapman

Operations and Customer Service

Talk about born in to the world of curtains! Sarah is a Goulburn girl who grew up in a curtain making business with her mum and dad. From these foundations, Sarah has an incredible knowledge of the business inside and out. She knows every stitch to a tee. On top of that knowledge, she has a masters in textile design from ANU which makes her ridiculously qualified! Sarah is always bubbly and a joy to work with.

Sarah Annand

Textile Operations

Sarah is the boss of Cloth and Paper Studio, but also manages all of the Chadwick Designs fabrics. Every order, every cutting and sourcing trip is all Sarah. She has a wonderful career in the fabric houses of Australia under her belt and we are lucky to have her on board. First in, last out, always on emails; Sarah is seriously on the ball. She has two beautiful children, loves mid century interiors and desperately wants a dog.

Cathy Cashion

Account Manager

Although her job description is to manage all accounts and book keeping, Cathy is also the mother of all Chadwick Designs staff. She is an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on, makes sure we all eat lunch and are healthy and happy. She is the proud mum of three grown up kids and seems to have 3 degrees of separation with every person in Canberra! Cathy is a vital part of our work family and keeps everyone on the straight and narrow.

Ricky Chadwick

Showroom Security

Blonde hair, brown eyes, ridiculously fluffy tail, Ricky is our showroom pup. Often seen jumping on clients, chewing on curtains and sleeping in displays while offering nothing but companionship. Enjoys tennis balls, shedding hair and belly scratches.