With as many as a third of all Australians, the team at Cloth & Paper Studio and Chadwick Designs consider January 26th as Invasion Day. We will publicly demonstrate our support for Indigenous Australians on this day as a protest and support the social initiative of ‘Change the Date’.
The businesses will continue to trade on January 26th, 2018, considering the day as a normal working day. Each member of the team will nominate aday that they would personally like to celebrate Australia Day which will become their public holiday entitlement.
Owner and Manager of Cloth & Paper Studio and Chadwick Designs, Belle Chadwick, states ‘We are considering May 8th 2018 for ourselves and our family, as the date for us to celebrate all Australians and our collective history, but this may change as the movement to change the date continues to define the wishes of Indigenous and all Australians.
‘We have negotiated this proposal with the team members and are so pleased that they have all been quick to offer their support.
‘We have consulted with other like-minded businesses here in the ACT and have worked with them to achieve good consensus for what we consider to be an important public protest.’ 
Please contact Belle Chadwick for further comment on 0410 532 285