Big Heart, Big Success

Giving generously allows caring, compassion and practical assistance to our community’s most vulnerable.

Canberra has a big heart. It cares for its own, and then supports the positive big, national, social issues too. One example of the locals looking after locals is the inimitable Karinya House. Chadwick Designs and Cloth & Paper Studio could not be prouder to be a major corporate supporter of this outstanding organisation.

Karinya House’s tagline is ‘Home. Hope. Horizon.’ A beautiful concept for a beautiful project, where a mixture of funding provides secure accommodation – a safe home—for vulnerable women and their children. Additionally, the outreach services assist women and children while they remain in the community. The community funds over 50% of their service costs each year.  The service costs are around $1.7m per annum.

Karinya House has now supported, cared for, advised, guided, more than five thousand Canberran women and babies in 20 years. This is an extraordinary feat in these difficult times for charitable organisations where every dollar must be fought for.

Sister companies, Chadwick Designs and Cloth & Paper Studio, knew it was essential to collaborate with a local charitable association, to ‘earth’ the businesses in the city in which they operate. This is not a cynical exercise. Businesses and organisations must work together in any community, and together become greater than the sum of their parts. But as a start-up, it was nigh on impossible for us to give Karinya House cash, so a scheme of contributions was nutted out.

In 2016, Chadwick Designs and Cloth & Paper Studio donated close to $80,000 of materials and labour costs to Karinya House, supplying blinds and curtains newly-opened facilities. Cloth and Paper helped source all furniture and soft furnishings bringing colour and life to the setting. And for the 2017 Annual Mother’s Day Gala, Chadwick Designs and Cloth & Paper Studio have bought tables to this great event.

Because of its leadership and management, the future is exciting for Karinya House and therefore bodes well for the women and children of Canberra who need help in the years to come. The Karinya House team are a remarkable group of compassionate, smart, educated people. They only need the community’s continued support to do excellent work in the ACT.

Chadwick Designs and Cloth & Paper Studio will continue to support Karinya House for the foreseeable future through Gala tables, on going help in furnishing facilities and regular financial donations as Friends of Karinya.

We implore our wonderful client base to join us in supporting the wonderful Karinya women with us.

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