Offering superior insulation for internal windows, honeycombs are incredibly versatile in fit, operation and performance.


600mm x 600mm to 3400mm x 3200mm


5 years

Starting Price


Made In

Australia or Germany

  • over 50 fabrics to choose from
  • many operation options
  • various cell sizes available
  • custom powder coating of rails
  • side channels available
  • magnetic child cord safety available
  • hardwired and battery motorization

Somfy is the world leader in window furnishing automation allowing comfort and convenient operation at a push of a button.

  •  Motorisation capable
  • Telis 6 Chronis RTS capable Timer

Telis 6 Chronis Timer will allow you to set six different times when your window furnishings will operate. Allowing you to drop or raise your blinds while youre out of the house to fend off the afternoon sun or open the house to light every morning.

  • ThermoSunis capable

ThermoSunis sensor is an indoor sensor that will adjust your blind’s position based on the level of the sunlight and the temperature of the room allowing greater energy savings through efficient management of your window coverings.

  • Coupling capable

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    Windows are a homes weak point for heat loss and gain. Hot air tries to escape to cold areas like windows which results heat loss and high heating costs. In summer, the outside heat enters through the glass and heats the room temperature. By leaving inefficient window coverings, the heating and cooling is overworked, unsustainable and expensive.

    Due to honeycomb blinds design and structure, air becomes trapped in the cells, creating an effective temperature transfer barrier between the window and the internal environment.