Roller Blind

Affordable, easy to operate and unobtrusive to your view, roller blinds are a solid thermal performer offering clean modern lines suitable for most windows. Available in over 100 fabric colours and textures to complement any interior.


Minimum: 400mm width x 400mm drop
Maximum: 3000mm in width x 4000mm drop


5 year installation warranty
5 year manufacturers warranty

Starting Price


Made In


  • 1-5 year warranty
  • 100+ fabric choices
  • 4 manufacturers
  • 3-4 week turn around

Somfy is the world leader in window furnishing automation allowing comfort and convenient operation at a push of a button.

  •  Motorisation capable
  • Telis 6 Chronis RTS capable Timer

Telis 6 Chronis Timer will allow you to set six different times when your window furnishings will operate. Allowing you to drop or raise your blinds while youre out of the house to fend off the afternoon sun or open the house to light every morning.

  • ThermoSunis capable

ThermoSunis sensor is an indoor sensor that will adjust your blind’s position based on the level of the sunlight and the temperature of the room allowing greater energy savings through efficient management of your window coverings.

  • Coupling capable


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    Screen fabrics

    Screen or transparent fabrics are used when you want to shield the room from the sun but still retain views to the outside. They are made with various degrees of openness (3% 5% and 10%) which translates to the size of the holes in the fabric and the amount of light that can pass through.

    Translucent fabrics

    Translucent fabric will give you the privacy of a blockout blind without the loss of light so it is perfect for living areas where you want privacy but don’t need total darkness.


    Blockout fabrics

    Blockout fabric has a rubber backing to stop light passing through it. Add side channels and a head box to your block out blind to eliminate nearly all light, perfect for a media room or shift workers


    Metalised fabrics

    Verosol are world leaders in metalised fabrics. The factory coats the window side fabric in aluminum to provide incredible thermal performance. The heat and glare is refected away from the room and the data shows metalised fabrics can perform better then honeycomb blinds in some instances.