When considering purchasing shutters for your house you are faced with an abundance of manufacturers that claim their product to be the best and all selling at very similar prices. So how do you differentiate between one white shutter and another?


Minimum: 152mm width – 260mm height
Maximum: 950mm width - 3000mm height


5 year installation warranty
5-25 year manufacturers warranty

Made In



Five manufacturers, 167 colours and four materials to choose from.

  • 5-25 Year Warranty (under manufacturers conditions)
  • Extra strength achieved by aluminium inserts on all sizes
  • Durable and will not crack, chip or split
  • PVC Resistant to moisture, humidity, UV rays and termites
  • Outstanding insulation for temperature control and noise reduction
  • Low allergenic
  • Large range of styles and colours
  • Fire safe by not supporting combustion
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable
  • Blades: Elliptical 63mm, 89mm or 114mm

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    Shutters offer phenomenal insulation as they are made of a dense thermal retardant material and prevent the movement of air by offering very minimal gaps between window and room.



    We carry a shutter range including basswood, western red cedar or polyresin with aluminium core, so depending on the location of the shutter we can give you the best product for the job. For instance, if insulation is a big factor, the polyresin with aluminium core has twice the thermal qualities of the basswood.

    Colour choice

    On top of the manufacturers extensive standard colours and stains, we can also offer paint matching with any colour needed.